About us

This is a peek into our past, 40 years ago!

Our Guild developed from a quilting class (preceded by stitchery and sewing classes at the Brookfield Recreation Department in the late 70’s and early 80’s) conducted by Dorothy Manache, our Founding Mother.  It was Dorothy who suggested the quilt class form a Guild and a meeting was held at the Security and Savings and Loan at Ruby Isle in June of 1981. We met in the lower level of the Brookfield City Hall and by March 1982 had 40 members. Cheryl Zorn was our first President.  In September of 1983 we had our first newsletter written by Ann Williams, our second President. This newsletter was distributed at meetings originally, as our treasury balance was only $508.67. How far we have come! 
-Elrid Johnson, Historian

The statistics below may not be fully verifiable.  The number of quilts created over the years vary by member.  But we have many prolific quilters in the Guild!  Definitely not beyond the realm of possibility!

Number of Members
Years of Experience
Number of Completed Quilts