Charity Committee 2021-2022 Guild Year

Your generosity continues to amaze us, you have warmed the hearts and lifted the spirits of so many! These are the projects that we are supporting this year.   Questions?   

1. Tied fleece blankets-we’re collecting these primarily for All People’s Church in Milwaukee. They have asked for blankets approximately 45X60, though they will certainly accept larger ones. All People’s is also in need of fleece hats and scarves.
2. Quilts for Kids-Judy Valentino is the contact for this initiative. The quilts go to Children’s Hospital and while the preference is for approximately 40×50, they will also accept larger ones because they serve children up to the age of 18.  For more information on Quilts for Kids, visit their website:
3. Walker Bags-Caroline Koch is the contact for this request. They are in high demand at assisted living and rehabilitation centers. Ours have been donated to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin in Waukesha.  Link to the pattern:  Walker Bag Pattern  
4. Time of the Month Menstruation supplies- Karen Hendrickson will have a bag at each meeting to accept donations.  For more information on this organization, visit their website: Time of the Month Club
5. Pillowcases-Mickey Mowrey from Sew Many Pieces is collecting pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles. They prefer cases that would appeal to children.  Visit their webite:  Ryan’s Case for Smiles