President's Challenge

It has become tradition for WSQG Presidents to issue a Quilt Challenge once during their term.  All quilts submitted for the challenge will be (a) voted on by members, with honors given within the Guild and (b) hung together at our Quilt Show, voted on by viewers, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons given in the President’s Challenge Category.

Current Challenge

President Karen Hendrickson, May 2021

Size Requirement:  36 inches square

Construction Requirement:  Must be three layers, quilted (by you or someone else), bound and have a 3” hanging sleeve. 

Here is a list of Birth Flowers and Birth Stones:
January  Carnation (or Snowdrop)        Garnet  
February  Violet (or Primrose)        Amethyst
March   Daffodil            Aquamarine
April    Daisy (or Sweet Pea)        Diamond
May    Lily of the Valley           Emerald
June    Rose              Alexandrite
July    Larkspur (or Water Lily)        Ruby
August  Gladiolus (or Poppy)        Peridot
September  Aster (or Morning Glory)        Sapphire
October  Calendula (or Marigold)        Opal
November  Chrysanthemum          Topaz (or Citrine)
December  Holly or Poinsettia (or Narcissus or Orchid)  Turquoise (or Tanzanite)